Flexible orbital pneumatic sander FS 42070 E is a unique worldwide patented sander, which is the only one in the world to be able to sand curved surfaces.

With this sander you can simply sand and create ideal curves and surfaces. The sander can reveal errors and inequalities on its own and significantly speed up the final preparation of the curved surfaces.

Due to its size and low flexibility, this type of sander is particularly suitable for sanding of medium-sized surfaces or surfaces with medium and large radius of curvature.

The sander is particularly suitable for use in car repair, shipbuilding, furniture manufacture, and the production of models and composites.


Voltage: 230 V 50/60Hz
Input: 720W
Variable speed: YES
Dimensions of the plate: 420 x 70 mm (VELCRO)
Convex radius: 670mm
Concave radius: 700mm 
Weight: 3,1 Kg
Dust exhaust system: YES

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